Stand Up Paddle Club - Lessons - Rental

Rental gear

The club is open to the public and we have 23 stand up paddle for rent:

  • 22 individuals of all types:
    rigid (touring, race, waves, children) inflatable (race and touring)
  • 1 tandem
  • 1 XXL up to 8 people
  • Paddles:
    fiberglass and carbon, ultra light and adjustable in size, also for children

Rental price stand up paddles:

 ½ hour1 hourSeason unlimited
ndividual SUP 15.- 20.- 150.- individual
250.- couple
300.- family
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Tandem 20.- 25.- -
XXL up to 8 people - 10.- /person -

At disposal and included in the price of the rent: lifejacket and shorty neoprene.

No Bookings:
We don’t take booking for rentals. We have enough equipment and you should simply pass during our opening hours.

Conditions :
Minimum age for renting: 10 years unaccompanied children.
Mandatory life jacket beyond 300 m from shore.