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Rules of SUPing

Rules of SUPing:

  1. The user communicates any health problem.
  2. It is forbidden to practice SUP under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Wearing the leash is obligatory.
  4. Launching and returning to the beach is always done on the knees.
  5. Wearing the lifejacket is mandatory beyond 300 meters from the shore.
  6. Because of the risks associated with hydrocution, wearing the lifejacket is mandatory when the temperature of the water is below 17 degrees.
  7. The minimum age requirement is 10 years old and wearing a lifejacket is mandatory.
  8. The user must pay particular attention to the swimmers and will take care not to impede the traffic of the CGN boats that have priority at all times. It is recommended to paddle in the direction of Vevey and not Montreux in order to avoid the traffic of the CGN.
  9. Navigation in the port of Basset is forbidden.
  10. The equipment must be respected and returned to its original state. Any loss or damage will be charged.
  11. The user follows the instructions given according to the evolution of the weather.
  12. Night outings are prohibited.

Swimming tips:

  1. Always watch for children and do not let them swim alone.
  2. Do not dive in troubled waters or near shores.
  3. It is advisable to get wet before entering the water and practice SUP and not jump into the water after prolonged exposure to the sun. The body needs time to adapt to avoid the risk of hydrocution.
  4. Wearing a life jacket is strongly recommended for people who don’t swim well.